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advanced Purifying Board

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Food is one of the most important aspects of our life. All we love to have tasty meal, however how great is when food isn’t only delicious, but also is safe for our health. Double pleasure!

PureMeal helps to reduce the amount of harmful bacterias contained on the surface of foodstuff and at the same time it keeps wholesale features of the product. We have created “PureMeal” specially to enhance everyday life.

Make it healthy

Just put your foodstuff on the board, turn it on and after less than 10 minutes you will get product free of harmful microorganisms.

Sleek design

PureMeal is a patented device and consists of 100% health harmless elements. Moreover PureMeal do not contain chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

Technology Peak

It works on a located inside frequency resonance principle, respectively, with one or two coils - emitters, which allows decontamination of food.

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